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Secret caning is when the holes around the edge of the cane work only partly go through the frame of the furniture.

To restore the item you must first clear it out by cutting away the cane, then drill out the holes but not through the frame.

Next the new pieces of cane that run down the item must be wet and glued in and secured by nails.

Next day the nails are taken out.  Start weaving across the furniture, this is called setting.  

Finally the diagonal pieces are woven in and a beading placed around the edge.

If a piece needs re-upholstery or woodwork repairs we can arrange for local crafts people to do this.

danish cord chairs

Before and After

the chair as it arrived the finished chair

This chair was bought at auction, this is what it looked like when I received it.

restoration in progress

The wood was repaired and varnish removed

Here it is in its finished glory

chair close up seagrass completed settle